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ECCS - a note taking application  v.1.0.0

Electronic Cerebral Cortex System - an external harddrive for your brain. Sticker (note taking software)  v.7 6 Sticker is easy to use note taking software for Windows. Using note taking software you can easily create quick notes any time you need to jot something down. note taking software is perfect for simple note taking,


Note taking simplified  v.77

*nts* provides a simple format for using text files to store notes, a command line interface for viewing notes in a variety of convenient ways and a cross-platform, wx(python)-based GUI for creating and modifying notes as well as viewing them.

Swift Note  v.

Swift Note is a simple, quick and easy to use note taking application for your Windows Phone device! Version v1.1 Update: » Sorted a few bug fixes out. » Changed the splash screen to match the feel of the application. Key features include: »

Very Quick Note  v.

A very simple note taking application with three different note sheets. Designed to get you taking or reading notes with maximum of one swipe after application launch.

Tomboy for Mac  v.1.6.0

Tomboy is a desktop note-taking application for Linux, Unix, Windows, and Mac OS X.

Notee for Mac  v.1.7

Notee for Mac is an easy to use note taking application.

Tomboy Notes  v.1 6

Tomboy Notes is a free cross-platform note-taking application that you can use for a variety of purposes: to manage personal information, write down your ideas and thoughts, keep a journal, create to-do lists, organize research projects, take class n

MeshWrite  v.1.5.4

MeshWrite is a next generation GTD/Note-taking application. You have outstanding ideas. Get them down. Share them if you want. Whatever you want you need the best tools available to get to where you want to go.

SimplePlainNote  v.0.9.9b beta

A very small, colorful note taking application. Features: * Very small application. (Less than 100kb setup) If .net framework 2.0/Mono is installed. * Change color of notes. * Make note stick on top. * Make notes transparent. * Create Email of note.

InkBook  v.2.0.0

inkBook is a note-taking application.

MySonet  v.0.1

MySonet is a Web-Based (PHP/AJAX) Categorized Note Taking Application Inspired By KJots.

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